Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BYU VS. Wyoming! (Home Game)

Now we all know that Wyoming is not the best team ever, and we proved that in this game that we just barley played against them. We beat Wyoming 44 to ZIP!!! It was crazy! I was actually kind of surprised, we beat another team x amount of points... to NOTHING!! Twice in a row, first UCLA and then Wyoming! Crazy! In those past two games we got 103 points to NOTHING!!! Amazing!
The problem with Wyoming was that they kept fumbling the ball! Just like UCLA did, and they did not have a very good offense. I guess they had an OK defense, I mean we got 44 points against them, but when we played UCLA we got 59 points! What does that tell you?
Of course every team member of the cougar team did a great job! Austen Collie, Fuie Vacapuna, Harvey Unga, Max Hall, and a lot of other great team players. Bronco did a great job as well! He is such a great coach. He is not as great as Lavell Edwards, but he is getting there. Since I was like 6 years old when Lavell retired, Bronco is kind of my Lavell Edwards.
Well that's all I have to say for this game, if anyone did not get the chance to see a game, my blog is the best place to come! I will be writing about every BYU game this season, home and away. This Saturday there is no game, but next Friday we are playing Utah State! Hope you get a chance to see it, it is going to be awesome!
And Remember... GO COUGARS!!!

P.S. sorry this is such a late post.