Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Night!

My Friday night was AWESOME! I didn't think it was going to be that fun, because chessie asked me if I would help her volunteer with a cherry hill elementry carnival, now how fun does that sound? Not very, but I said yes just cause I didn't want to be mean!
So we left at 4:15, and it started at 4:30. Se set up our stuff and go the tattoos ( oh ya I I forgot to tell you we were doing washable tattoo's)But I was not the only one helping! We had Rachel and Laura Henrie, and we also had Nathan Lawyer, they are some people in my ward.
At first it was kind of slow, but then it picked up and it got funner, Laura and I had a contest to see who could give the best tattoo (I lost most of the time :( ), then we kept hitting each other with wet towels we used for the tattoo's, and at the carnival they had that ride that is like the tea cups at Disneyland, they spin around (tara will know what I am talking about). We all got in one, and weSpanned it as fast as we could! It was so fun, but the one bad part about that ride was if you lean back, your back would hit the medal and it would hit you pretty hard! That happened to me, and I have a bruise to proof it! After that we helped clean up and chessie and I rode our bikes home. Then we came up with an idea. One of chessie's friends birthday is on Monday, and she wanted to make posters for her. So we thought that maybe we could go to Laura and Rachels house, make the posters, and watch AUGUST RUSH!!! Well that is exactly what we did! Nathan came along too. It was really fun, we had junk food, a good movie to watch, and we were lauging uncontrollably.
It was really fun, well I just thought I would tell you about my way AWESOME friday night!


Tara said...

It's good to hear about you having fun with friends! These are memories you will keep with you always so enjoy your teenage years and have fun!

xXxSkaterxXx said...

whoa.. you love BYU a lot..