Saturday, November 28, 2009

BYU V. UTAH game, Nov. 28, 2009!

This game was AMAZING!! I LOVED IT! So intense!
The game started out with Utah 6- BYU 0, then we came back and were ahead of them for the whole second, third, and part of fourth quarter. During the middle part of the fourth quarter, Utah starting coming back with BYU 20- UTAH 17. Then, towards the end of the game.. about 1 minute until the game ended, UTAH caught up with us 20-20. We weren't able to get a touchdown or feild goal before the game ended so we had to go into overtime!!!! I was FREAKING out!!! I couldn't handle it!! UTAH got to go first to try to get points... they made a feild goal and their score went from twenty to twenty three. By this time I was just PRAYING that my cougars could pull something our of their hats.. and, of course, THEY DID! Max Hall threw a wonderful pass to Andrew George and made a TOUCHDOWN! making the score BYU 26- UTAH 23!!!! We Won!!! We had to go into overtime, but WE WON!!!! I was so excited!!! That pass we just so smooth, and it looked as though Andrew George was running in slow motion, as if to savor the wonderful winning point against our revelry.. UTAH!!! It was just great, it was just amazing, and I loved every second of it. Max didn't throw any interceptions, which is a big deal for him! :D To all those who kept dogging on Max (meagan and tara), this game showed them that he really is a great QB, one of the best BYU has ever had. And Andrew George, Harvey Unga, Dennis Pitta, and everyone just did a great job!!! But of course, we have to give a ton of the credit to Bronco Mendenhall. BYU couldn't have gotten wear they are today without a great coach like Bronco, he's awesome! I LOVE BYU!!!
I had a lot of my friends who are BYU fans, tell me that we didn't stand a chance against UTAH, this game just goes to show that if you come through for BYU, BYU will come through for you.


Andrew George: Tight End

Harvey Unga: Running Back

Dennis Pitta: Tight End

Max Hall: Quarterback

Monday, June 29, 2009

King of Pop

I wasn't the biggest fan of Michael Jackson, I liked his songs, but I wasn't a HUGE fan like my sister is lol.

So you're probably wondering why I'm making a post about MJ if I wasn't even a huge fan.
Well, I wanted to write this down so I could look back twenty years from now and remember the day that the Kind of Pop passed away, and also I wanted to pay tribute to a very talented man.
I was up at Girls Camp on the day Michael died. Some of the girls, including me, were in our cabin when one of them said that her friend had texted her and told her that Michael Jackson died today. At first I didn't believe her, but then i heard it around not only our stake, but all the other stakes that were there. I was kind of in shock, I was thinking about it that whole day. But it didn't really hit me until I got home to my sister crying and every news station talking about the death of Michael Jackson! It was nuts!
I hadn't heard Michael's music in a while, ever since Tara moved out ;), but I was bored when I got home from girls camp on Saturday, so I decided to look up "Childhood" on youtube. For some reason, when I heard that Michael had died, Childhood came into my head.... don't ask me why, because i don't know. But after listening to that, I listened too "smooth criminal" and "you are not alone" and before you knew it, I was listening to just Michael Jackson for three days!
I never really knew the Michael Jackson back in the 80's. I knew the 90's Michael Jackson, and that's when he started to become a little strange. So you can only expect me, a girl who has only seen news reports that aren't a good image for Michael, to think he was a weird person. And because I believed what the news said, I never really gave Michael a chance. And it's sad that it took Michael Jackson dying to figure that out. But now I realize that, yes he was a little strange, and yes he made mistakes... but we all make mistakes and we can all be a little strange sometimes. Michael was a person just like us.
I'm going to say right now, that I did not like the Michael Jackson who died. But I did, and still do like, the "Jackson 5" Michael Jackson, and the "Moonwalk, thriller" Michael Jackson, the Michael Jackson I never really knew.
So from now on and forever, I'm going to remember the Michael Jackson that started a new twist on pop music, and changed the lives of everyone around the world.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rascal Flatts Concert!!!!

This concert was AMAZING!!!!!!!! It was so much fun!
So, it was a Thursday afternoon, and I get check out like two minutes before school ended, and I walk down to the office and Tara, Carlie, Dad, Aiden and Grady were all standing there. Then Tara tells Aiden to hand me something, well he was too busy climbing on the stairs, so Tara gave it to me in behalf of Aiden. I took the piece of paper and I opened it.... and to my surprise it was TWO Rascal Flatts tickets!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! I wanted to scream!!!! I was SO SO SO happy!
Tara drove us home, and pretty much the whole time I was in amazement... I could not believe I was going to a Rascal Flatts concert!!!!! And the best part was I didn't even have to wait!!!! The concert was that night!!!!!
So I get already to go (I wish I had a Rascal Flatts T-shirt I could have worn, but don't worry, that will all change the next time I go to one of their concerts ;) ) and I was just waiting for my mom to get ready so we could go meet Megan in Salt Lake.
We drive up there to meet Megan, and the whole time we're listening to Rascal Flatts (as if the concert was not going to be enough lol) We get up there and we have dinner at T.G.I. Fridays, very good :). After sitting in that restaurant for what seemed like a century, Megan and I finally headed too the concert!!!!
On the way to the stadium, we listened to more Rascal Flatts :)
We finally get there, and we find parking pretty fast, and it wasn't too far away from the arena, so we walk there along with a bunch of other people who are going to the concert!
We get into our seats, and a few minutes later the show starts, it began with Jessica Simpson singing some of her most popular songs, it was pretty cool! The funny thing is, I think Megan knew more of her songs then she did Rascal Flatts hahaha.
Finally, after an hour of Jessica Simpson, RASCAL FLATTS COMES ON!!!!! And I thought it was funny, because when Jessica was singing.. there was an applause and some screaming, but nothing compared to when Rascal Flatts took the stage! It litalary went from quite to SCREAMING in two seconds!!! It was crazy! They entred from the top of the celing and the lights were flashing everywhere, it was nuts! Their first song they sang was "Still feels good" and it was nuts! I found myself singing along every step of the way! They also sang "God Blessed the broken road" and "My wish" and a lot of my favorites! They also sang their new single from their new CD "here comes goodbye" it was awesome!!!!! I loved it!! And after the concert, we went down by the stage and took a picture with me beside it!!!! I was on the stage Rascal Flatts was on!!!! AMAZING!!! Thanks so much Tara for the tickets, it was SO much FUN!!!!

Concert Date: 2/26/09 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stake Dance!

This past Saturday was AWESOME!!!!!!
I ended up going to my cousin Slade's stake dance, down by Highland. At first I really didn't want to go, the only reason I really wanted to go was because of this kid named Spencer! Spencer is a boy that Slade introduced me to online. I talked to him for a little while and I started liking him a little bit and before you know it, I was going to meet him for the first time at this stake dance! I was really excited to go at this point!
So we meet my Uncle Troy at thanksgiving point and he drives us to the church from there. The dance started at 8:00, we got there at 8:03 and hardly anyone was there! It was then that Slade told me that usually everyone comes like a half an hour later. So for about 5 minutes we just sit outside the Gym talking. Slade had his friend Wyatt, and Miranda had her friend Brooke, they are very nice kids!
Anyways, more people started coming so we decide to go in and just talk so more I guess. Well Slade kind of left Miranda and I, so we go wondering around the gym and eventually we go back to the back of the gym and Slade comes running up to me yelling "Courtney! I have been looking for you!" and behind him he was pulling someone towards me "Courtney" he says.. "This is Spencer!" I could not believe it! He looked even cuter in person! We both say hi, and then we just started making small talk. But after a few minutes we both go our separate ways.
Later on in the dance, the first slow song came on so Miranda and I go sit down and just watch, but a few seconds later Spencer and his friend comes and sits by us. Again we started making small talk, then he nudged me on the arm and said "I owe you a dance." I didn't know what to say!! So i just nodded! Then the slow song ended and he left again.
After that Miranda and I just started jamming out to the songs. and I noticed this couple dancing right in front of us and the guy looked familiar. So through out the whole song I was just taking glances at him to see if I knew him. After the song, this guy comes up to me and hugs me he was like "Courtney!! It's so good to see you again!" it wasn't until he let go of me, through his iron hug that, I realized it was Will from EFY! He was in my company at EFY, I didn't expect to see him here. So we talked for a few minutes then we both went our separate ways.
Then another slow song came on, Miranda go and sit down and just watch like before, then half way through the song, I see this kid running through the crowed and I realized it was Spencer! He was like "Courtney! I have been looking for you everywhere! Would you like to dance?" I was so surprised! I never thought he would actually ask me! The only bad thing was that when he found me the song was half way over, so I didn't get to dance with him for very long, but still I got to dance with him! *Sigh* It was so great!
After that I just had more fun then I had ever had at any stake dance!
Then after the dance was over, I went to Slade and Miranda's house to have a sleep over! I will write about that another time! ;)