Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stake Dance!

This past Saturday was AWESOME!!!!!!
I ended up going to my cousin Slade's stake dance, down by Highland. At first I really didn't want to go, the only reason I really wanted to go was because of this kid named Spencer! Spencer is a boy that Slade introduced me to online. I talked to him for a little while and I started liking him a little bit and before you know it, I was going to meet him for the first time at this stake dance! I was really excited to go at this point!
So we meet my Uncle Troy at thanksgiving point and he drives us to the church from there. The dance started at 8:00, we got there at 8:03 and hardly anyone was there! It was then that Slade told me that usually everyone comes like a half an hour later. So for about 5 minutes we just sit outside the Gym talking. Slade had his friend Wyatt, and Miranda had her friend Brooke, they are very nice kids!
Anyways, more people started coming so we decide to go in and just talk so more I guess. Well Slade kind of left Miranda and I, so we go wondering around the gym and eventually we go back to the back of the gym and Slade comes running up to me yelling "Courtney! I have been looking for you!" and behind him he was pulling someone towards me "Courtney" he says.. "This is Spencer!" I could not believe it! He looked even cuter in person! We both say hi, and then we just started making small talk. But after a few minutes we both go our separate ways.
Later on in the dance, the first slow song came on so Miranda and I go sit down and just watch, but a few seconds later Spencer and his friend comes and sits by us. Again we started making small talk, then he nudged me on the arm and said "I owe you a dance." I didn't know what to say!! So i just nodded! Then the slow song ended and he left again.
After that Miranda and I just started jamming out to the songs. and I noticed this couple dancing right in front of us and the guy looked familiar. So through out the whole song I was just taking glances at him to see if I knew him. After the song, this guy comes up to me and hugs me he was like "Courtney!! It's so good to see you again!" it wasn't until he let go of me, through his iron hug that, I realized it was Will from EFY! He was in my company at EFY, I didn't expect to see him here. So we talked for a few minutes then we both went our separate ways.
Then another slow song came on, Miranda go and sit down and just watch like before, then half way through the song, I see this kid running through the crowed and I realized it was Spencer! He was like "Courtney! I have been looking for you everywhere! Would you like to dance?" I was so surprised! I never thought he would actually ask me! The only bad thing was that when he found me the song was half way over, so I didn't get to dance with him for very long, but still I got to dance with him! *Sigh* It was so great!
After that I just had more fun then I had ever had at any stake dance!
Then after the dance was over, I went to Slade and Miranda's house to have a sleep over! I will write about that another time! ;)

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