Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rascal Flatts Concert!!!!

This concert was AMAZING!!!!!!!! It was so much fun!
So, it was a Thursday afternoon, and I get check out like two minutes before school ended, and I walk down to the office and Tara, Carlie, Dad, Aiden and Grady were all standing there. Then Tara tells Aiden to hand me something, well he was too busy climbing on the stairs, so Tara gave it to me in behalf of Aiden. I took the piece of paper and I opened it.... and to my surprise it was TWO Rascal Flatts tickets!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! I wanted to scream!!!! I was SO SO SO happy!
Tara drove us home, and pretty much the whole time I was in amazement... I could not believe I was going to a Rascal Flatts concert!!!!! And the best part was I didn't even have to wait!!!! The concert was that night!!!!!
So I get already to go (I wish I had a Rascal Flatts T-shirt I could have worn, but don't worry, that will all change the next time I go to one of their concerts ;) ) and I was just waiting for my mom to get ready so we could go meet Megan in Salt Lake.
We drive up there to meet Megan, and the whole time we're listening to Rascal Flatts (as if the concert was not going to be enough lol) We get up there and we have dinner at T.G.I. Fridays, very good :). After sitting in that restaurant for what seemed like a century, Megan and I finally headed too the concert!!!!
On the way to the stadium, we listened to more Rascal Flatts :)
We finally get there, and we find parking pretty fast, and it wasn't too far away from the arena, so we walk there along with a bunch of other people who are going to the concert!
We get into our seats, and a few minutes later the show starts, it began with Jessica Simpson singing some of her most popular songs, it was pretty cool! The funny thing is, I think Megan knew more of her songs then she did Rascal Flatts hahaha.
Finally, after an hour of Jessica Simpson, RASCAL FLATTS COMES ON!!!!! And I thought it was funny, because when Jessica was singing.. there was an applause and some screaming, but nothing compared to when Rascal Flatts took the stage! It litalary went from quite to SCREAMING in two seconds!!! It was crazy! They entred from the top of the celing and the lights were flashing everywhere, it was nuts! Their first song they sang was "Still feels good" and it was nuts! I found myself singing along every step of the way! They also sang "God Blessed the broken road" and "My wish" and a lot of my favorites! They also sang their new single from their new CD "here comes goodbye" it was awesome!!!!! I loved it!! And after the concert, we went down by the stage and took a picture with me beside it!!!! I was on the stage Rascal Flatts was on!!!! AMAZING!!! Thanks so much Tara for the tickets, it was SO much FUN!!!!

Concert Date: 2/26/09 7:00 p.m.

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Tara said...

you're welcome so much! you deserve to go and have fun!