Monday, June 29, 2009

King of Pop

I wasn't the biggest fan of Michael Jackson, I liked his songs, but I wasn't a HUGE fan like my sister is lol.

So you're probably wondering why I'm making a post about MJ if I wasn't even a huge fan.
Well, I wanted to write this down so I could look back twenty years from now and remember the day that the Kind of Pop passed away, and also I wanted to pay tribute to a very talented man.
I was up at Girls Camp on the day Michael died. Some of the girls, including me, were in our cabin when one of them said that her friend had texted her and told her that Michael Jackson died today. At first I didn't believe her, but then i heard it around not only our stake, but all the other stakes that were there. I was kind of in shock, I was thinking about it that whole day. But it didn't really hit me until I got home to my sister crying and every news station talking about the death of Michael Jackson! It was nuts!
I hadn't heard Michael's music in a while, ever since Tara moved out ;), but I was bored when I got home from girls camp on Saturday, so I decided to look up "Childhood" on youtube. For some reason, when I heard that Michael had died, Childhood came into my head.... don't ask me why, because i don't know. But after listening to that, I listened too "smooth criminal" and "you are not alone" and before you knew it, I was listening to just Michael Jackson for three days!
I never really knew the Michael Jackson back in the 80's. I knew the 90's Michael Jackson, and that's when he started to become a little strange. So you can only expect me, a girl who has only seen news reports that aren't a good image for Michael, to think he was a weird person. And because I believed what the news said, I never really gave Michael a chance. And it's sad that it took Michael Jackson dying to figure that out. But now I realize that, yes he was a little strange, and yes he made mistakes... but we all make mistakes and we can all be a little strange sometimes. Michael was a person just like us.
I'm going to say right now, that I did not like the Michael Jackson who died. But I did, and still do like, the "Jackson 5" Michael Jackson, and the "Moonwalk, thriller" Michael Jackson, the Michael Jackson I never really knew.
So from now on and forever, I'm going to remember the Michael Jackson that started a new twist on pop music, and changed the lives of everyone around the world.

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Tara said...

you break my heart! Thank you for writing that for Michael! Love you!