Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ok I forgot to write about one thing.
This past 24th of July weekend, we went to a family reunion for my mom's side of the family up at the timp. lodge, thursday-Saturday! That was fun!
Well we got home around 5:00 Saturday night, and Megan, my parents and I were planing on going to a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert Freaturing the Osmond Family! Thats the only reason my mom wanted to go in the first place! :)
So anyway, we get in our seats and we watch the show! It was pretty good! If you know the osmond family, you know that before Donny and Merie, there were the Four Older brothers that started off first! Well this show was their last show ever! Before they retire! So it was for them! Like I said it was pretty good!
Well after the show we are walking twards the door and I see my dad talking to someone, and before I knew it my dad grabs my arm and pulls me over to him, and says. "Courtney, this is Dale you remember him!"
It was so weird! Dale!!!! The Dale from West Jorden that used to work for my dad! It was crazy to see him again, he looked a lot different! And the cool part was... He rememberd me! he rememberd my name and everything! It was so cool! He rememberd Megan too!
He was like "Courtney, I remember when I met you, you where four years old! Now I have my own four year old!"
It was cool to see him again! he was my best buddy growing up (now my sisters tease me and say That I had a crush on him!) But I don't Tara... so ha!
Well thats all I had to say!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Oh My Goodness!!!!!
I just saw one of the best movies ever on Saterday! and it is called........ dnananananana.. BATMAN!
It was an amazing movie! Very intence, and not really like the older batman's.
It was kind of scary at some parts too, it wasn't violent.
They had an all star cast in this!
Christian Bale did a great Job as Batman (As always) and you can not tell that it is him! Like in the older batman's you could tell that it was Bruce Wayne under that mask. But in this one he totally changes his voice and it's just amazing!
And Of course, Heath Ledger did an AWESOME job as the Joker! He was Unbelievable! He totally got rid of his accent and since he is wearing a ton of makeup you can't really see his face and he just totally changes his additude. He is like Johnny Depp, were you see him in a movie like The Patriot or Broke back Mountian and then he turns around and plays a totally different Character such as the Joker! Its amazing! They say that they are going to make another one, to bad Heath won't be back to play the Joker!
It's so sad, this movie probably made a crap load of money and he is not even there to get his share and the glory!

Well anyway, thats my story about dnanananananana.... BATMAN!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Ok, today was a GREAT 4th of July!!
I didnt go to the parade that my parents were in charge of because I was catching up on sleep that I loss until 5:00 in the morning. Thats a whole different story!
Anyway. At about 6:30 we had a BBQ with the family, and tara and the boy's came over! (Its always fun to have then around). And at the BBQ we had my dad's famous Hamburgers! YUMMMM SO GOOD!
Then after the BBQ Megan, Carlie, mom and dad, and I went to STADEUM OF FIRE!!!
It was sooo cool!
It started off with sky divers. Then we went on to greeting the soldiers in Iraq and Iran, and then the BULE MAN GROUP came out! They were so AMAZING! the things they did, I'm not even ganna try to describe it. But it was cool.
And then Glenn Beck came out a spoke to us... well he was basically the host of the show, so he spoke to us before the Blue man Group came out.
Then after that Miley Cyrus ran out on stage and started singing right off the bat. She sang a few songs then stoped to tell us how happy she was to be here for the 4th. I have to admit though it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be having her here. I knew a few of her songs, like two of them, but still it was fun.
Then after Miley, they had their famous FIRE WORKS!!! they were so cool, but we were really close to the fire works so we kept on getting ashes on us. By the time the fire works were over we were coverd in Ashes. But it was all good.
After all the fun was over, we came home a went to bed, and that was my 4th of july.
But I tried not to forget the men and women that are surving out in the feild right now and the sacrifices they make for this country. And I tried not to forget our four fathers who, when signing the Decleration of Independence, were basically signing their death warrent. They sacrificed alot so that we could have our freedoms today.

P.S. I am going to try to post a picture of the Stadeum of Fire as soon as I can :)