Monday, July 21, 2008


Oh My Goodness!!!!!
I just saw one of the best movies ever on Saterday! and it is called........ dnananananana.. BATMAN!
It was an amazing movie! Very intence, and not really like the older batman's.
It was kind of scary at some parts too, it wasn't violent.
They had an all star cast in this!
Christian Bale did a great Job as Batman (As always) and you can not tell that it is him! Like in the older batman's you could tell that it was Bruce Wayne under that mask. But in this one he totally changes his voice and it's just amazing!
And Of course, Heath Ledger did an AWESOME job as the Joker! He was Unbelievable! He totally got rid of his accent and since he is wearing a ton of makeup you can't really see his face and he just totally changes his additude. He is like Johnny Depp, were you see him in a movie like The Patriot or Broke back Mountian and then he turns around and plays a totally different Character such as the Joker! Its amazing! They say that they are going to make another one, to bad Heath won't be back to play the Joker!
It's so sad, this movie probably made a crap load of money and he is not even there to get his share and the glory!

Well anyway, thats my story about dnanananananana.... BATMAN!!!!


Linda said...

hey courtney! this is kelsey by the way! you should post some of your efy pictures i want to see them!!

Terry said...


Yes, this was an AWESOME movie. I enjoyed it too. I think Heath Ledger did an Outstanding job as the Joker. Yes, it is too bad that he is gone. I would love to see him again as the joker. We will just have to enjoy this one for a long time. By the way, you have a WONDERFUL Blog. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!