Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BYU VS. Wyoming! (Home Game)

Now we all know that Wyoming is not the best team ever, and we proved that in this game that we just barley played against them. We beat Wyoming 44 to ZIP!!! It was crazy! I was actually kind of surprised, we beat another team x amount of points... to NOTHING!! Twice in a row, first UCLA and then Wyoming! Crazy! In those past two games we got 103 points to NOTHING!!! Amazing!
The problem with Wyoming was that they kept fumbling the ball! Just like UCLA did, and they did not have a very good offense. I guess they had an OK defense, I mean we got 44 points against them, but when we played UCLA we got 59 points! What does that tell you?
Of course every team member of the cougar team did a great job! Austen Collie, Fuie Vacapuna, Harvey Unga, Max Hall, and a lot of other great team players. Bronco did a great job as well! He is such a great coach. He is not as great as Lavell Edwards, but he is getting there. Since I was like 6 years old when Lavell retired, Bronco is kind of my Lavell Edwards.
Well that's all I have to say for this game, if anyone did not get the chance to see a game, my blog is the best place to come! I will be writing about every BYU game this season, home and away. This Saturday there is no game, but next Friday we are playing Utah State! Hope you get a chance to see it, it is going to be awesome!
And Remember... GO COUGARS!!!

P.S. sorry this is such a late post.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Night!

My Friday night was AWESOME! I didn't think it was going to be that fun, because chessie asked me if I would help her volunteer with a cherry hill elementry carnival, now how fun does that sound? Not very, but I said yes just cause I didn't want to be mean!
So we left at 4:15, and it started at 4:30. Se set up our stuff and go the tattoos ( oh ya I I forgot to tell you we were doing washable tattoo's)But I was not the only one helping! We had Rachel and Laura Henrie, and we also had Nathan Lawyer, they are some people in my ward.
At first it was kind of slow, but then it picked up and it got funner, Laura and I had a contest to see who could give the best tattoo (I lost most of the time :( ), then we kept hitting each other with wet towels we used for the tattoo's, and at the carnival they had that ride that is like the tea cups at Disneyland, they spin around (tara will know what I am talking about). We all got in one, and weSpanned it as fast as we could! It was so fun, but the one bad part about that ride was if you lean back, your back would hit the medal and it would hit you pretty hard! That happened to me, and I have a bruise to proof it! After that we helped clean up and chessie and I rode our bikes home. Then we came up with an idea. One of chessie's friends birthday is on Monday, and she wanted to make posters for her. So we thought that maybe we could go to Laura and Rachels house, make the posters, and watch AUGUST RUSH!!! Well that is exactly what we did! Nathan came along too. It was really fun, we had junk food, a good movie to watch, and we were lauging uncontrollably.
It was really fun, well I just thought I would tell you about my way AWESOME friday night!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BYU VS UCLA (Home Game)

Okay, sorry it has taken me so long to write about this game.
This past saterday I had the chance to go to the BYU VS. UCLA game and it was AMAZING!!!
I thought it was going to be a very close game, but it wasn't. It was 59 to 0!!!! CRAZY!!!! I thought UCLA was a good team, and I guess they are, but when we played them they just didn't have it together!
We kept makeing touch downs like you wouldn't believe! We would make a touch down, and then pass them the ball and they would fumble it! so we got the ball again and made another touch down in less then a minute!!!! That happend multiple times! And even one time, we were so close to the touch down we were going to to something (not sure what it was) that would get us the touch down very easily, but we decided to actually give UCLA a chance so we did a different play. BYU has such sportsmenship!
All of the BYU players did a great job!
It was a very hot day though! I got sunbernt. AND GUESS WHAT!!
I had painted my face for the game, and I had a Y on one side and cougar paw on the other. And I got sunberned on my cheack that had the cougar paw on it, and it burnt me and left a cougar paw mark! and its still there to this day! Its horrable, Sam Pittman took a picture of it and it is on his phone!
Well anyway, that is the BYU VS UCLA game!
I will write about next weeks game when it happens!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Remember.

Today is September 11Th 2008. 7 years ago today our country was under attack by terrorists in New York City. And my page today is dedicated to the men and women that died in the Two Towers that fell in New York City, and in the Pentagon in Washington D.C.
I remember when 9-11 happened. I was only in 4Th grade, but I remember that when I was just sitting in my class room doing some school work, my teacher came running in and turned on the TV and right as she turned it on, I saw the second plain hit the second tower! I had no idea what was happening, and I didn't understand (Remember I was only in 4Th grade). So I rushed home and when I walked into the house, all of my family was gathered around the TV, and my dad had his eyes wide open and my mom was crying. Then my sisters walked into the house and asked my dad if he saw what was happening, and they just sat down at the TV and watched the news, explaining what this hole think was about. But while they were explaining, they were showing the two towers on fire and ambulances showing up trying to put the fire out it was horrible, I never thought anything like this would happen in a million years!
Well later on, they found the remains of a plane that had crashed and burned out in the middle of no where, they said the name of that flight was "Flight 93". Everyone has heard that story. Well I hadn't until I was a little older. I remember watching a documentary about it on the History Channel one year and they interviewed family members from the people on that plane and they described what they heard and what their loved one's said to them in their final hours. I thought that sounded pretty touching, so I wanted to find out more about this Flight 93. Well about a few years later I found a movie called "Flight 93" it was based off of that story. So I rented it (and by this time I had known a little bit more about Flight 93) but when I watched that movie, that's when it really hit me! Those people on that plane had herd about the two towers from family members back home, they later found out that they were on a high jacked plane and that the people flying that plane were planning on doing the same thing that happened to the two towers, just somewhere different. They knew it was a suicidal mission, so in their opinion they figured that they were going to die anyway if they just let these terrorists crash the plane, so why not try to take control of the plane, and have a chance at saving their own lives and other people's lives. And as you know......... they chose that option and lost their lives.
Now you have to realize that they were not soldiers in the line of duty, they were ordinary people who decided that their country was more important then their own lives. What more could you ask of from your fellow countrymen? I am eternally in debt to those people.
The Two Towers and the Pentagon was a horrible disaster as well. Could you imagine, going to work in New York, on an ordinary day and just doing your work and feeling the building shake, and having the walls fall all around you. And your wondering, as you are laying there taking your final breaths..... "Why me??"
That is what I think.... "Why Us?" Why did the greatest country on earth have to have this happen to them. But now I understand that although September 11Th was a horrible tragedy,... it made all of us as a nation stronger! We are stronger then we ever were before. And as much as we wish that all the lives lost could come back, we are going to make sure that this is never going to happen again! EVER!!!!!! Not only in our country but in others as well.
For you people who don't agree with the war in Iraq, I don't know why you don't because this is what we are doing, we are getting ride of terrorism FOREVER! We are making sure that Millions of people don't die for no reason like on September 11Th.
I hope that everyone in this country and in the world knows that AMERICA can not be played around with, that we are going to fight back!
I hope everyone remembers all of the people that lost their lives in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, Flight 93, and the plane's that crashed into the Twin Towers.
Remember September 11Th today.. and always.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

BYU VS. Washington! (Away Game)

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game was inctence!!!!! I felt like I was comeing out of a Utah game!!!
This game.......... wow!
We made the first touch down, and then washington came and made a touch down, then we made a touch down, and they kept tyeing with us! It was scary!!!! Austin Callie wasn't doing too well in the first Quarter, but he came back. Vacapuna was doing great and so was Pitta and Unga! Washington had a lot of injuries though. There was this one player that landed on his neck and had to go to the Hospital! But the game went on!
So we were all tyed up with washington 21 to 21. And washington was doing great, but we made a touch down and then we were 28 to 21, and there was only 3 miutes left in the game. But that was enough time for Washington to make a touch down, so they did. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with 7 seconds left in the game, Washington was takeing their kick for the extra point, and if we just blocked this kick then we would win this game! AND WE DID!!!!!!! I'm not sure who did, but all I could see was a hand comeing out of that big group of football players! So after that we had 2 seconds left and we had practicaly won the game, but then all of the sudden the refs had to come and give washington another chance at that kick, witch I don't know why because either way we blocked it and desurved to win the game. But they kicked again but still didn't make it.... So WE WON!!!!!! 28 to 27!!!!
It was so so so scary!!!!!!! When BYU blocked that kick, Megan, my Dad, and I just stood up screaming!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have been there to witness that victory. Oh well.
Well that was the BYU VS. Washington game!!!
I will tell you about UCLA next week! They are a very good team!