Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BYU VS UCLA (Home Game)

Okay, sorry it has taken me so long to write about this game.
This past saterday I had the chance to go to the BYU VS. UCLA game and it was AMAZING!!!
I thought it was going to be a very close game, but it wasn't. It was 59 to 0!!!! CRAZY!!!! I thought UCLA was a good team, and I guess they are, but when we played them they just didn't have it together!
We kept makeing touch downs like you wouldn't believe! We would make a touch down, and then pass them the ball and they would fumble it! so we got the ball again and made another touch down in less then a minute!!!! That happend multiple times! And even one time, we were so close to the touch down we were going to to something (not sure what it was) that would get us the touch down very easily, but we decided to actually give UCLA a chance so we did a different play. BYU has such sportsmenship!
All of the BYU players did a great job!
It was a very hot day though! I got sunbernt. AND GUESS WHAT!!
I had painted my face for the game, and I had a Y on one side and cougar paw on the other. And I got sunberned on my cheack that had the cougar paw on it, and it burnt me and left a cougar paw mark! and its still there to this day! Its horrable, Sam Pittman took a picture of it and it is on his phone!
Well anyway, that is the BYU VS UCLA game!
I will write about next weeks game when it happens!


Terry said...

TOTALLY AWESOME! That was a GREAT game eh? I am very Glad that we were able to go together. I just wish we could have had Everyone in the family there. GO BYU, beat Wyoming this Saturday!!!

Tara said...

I love your background it is really cute! Go Cougars! (from aiden)