Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Remember.

Today is September 11Th 2008. 7 years ago today our country was under attack by terrorists in New York City. And my page today is dedicated to the men and women that died in the Two Towers that fell in New York City, and in the Pentagon in Washington D.C.
I remember when 9-11 happened. I was only in 4Th grade, but I remember that when I was just sitting in my class room doing some school work, my teacher came running in and turned on the TV and right as she turned it on, I saw the second plain hit the second tower! I had no idea what was happening, and I didn't understand (Remember I was only in 4Th grade). So I rushed home and when I walked into the house, all of my family was gathered around the TV, and my dad had his eyes wide open and my mom was crying. Then my sisters walked into the house and asked my dad if he saw what was happening, and they just sat down at the TV and watched the news, explaining what this hole think was about. But while they were explaining, they were showing the two towers on fire and ambulances showing up trying to put the fire out it was horrible, I never thought anything like this would happen in a million years!
Well later on, they found the remains of a plane that had crashed and burned out in the middle of no where, they said the name of that flight was "Flight 93". Everyone has heard that story. Well I hadn't until I was a little older. I remember watching a documentary about it on the History Channel one year and they interviewed family members from the people on that plane and they described what they heard and what their loved one's said to them in their final hours. I thought that sounded pretty touching, so I wanted to find out more about this Flight 93. Well about a few years later I found a movie called "Flight 93" it was based off of that story. So I rented it (and by this time I had known a little bit more about Flight 93) but when I watched that movie, that's when it really hit me! Those people on that plane had herd about the two towers from family members back home, they later found out that they were on a high jacked plane and that the people flying that plane were planning on doing the same thing that happened to the two towers, just somewhere different. They knew it was a suicidal mission, so in their opinion they figured that they were going to die anyway if they just let these terrorists crash the plane, so why not try to take control of the plane, and have a chance at saving their own lives and other people's lives. And as you know......... they chose that option and lost their lives.
Now you have to realize that they were not soldiers in the line of duty, they were ordinary people who decided that their country was more important then their own lives. What more could you ask of from your fellow countrymen? I am eternally in debt to those people.
The Two Towers and the Pentagon was a horrible disaster as well. Could you imagine, going to work in New York, on an ordinary day and just doing your work and feeling the building shake, and having the walls fall all around you. And your wondering, as you are laying there taking your final breaths..... "Why me??"
That is what I think.... "Why Us?" Why did the greatest country on earth have to have this happen to them. But now I understand that although September 11Th was a horrible tragedy,... it made all of us as a nation stronger! We are stronger then we ever were before. And as much as we wish that all the lives lost could come back, we are going to make sure that this is never going to happen again! EVER!!!!!! Not only in our country but in others as well.
For you people who don't agree with the war in Iraq, I don't know why you don't because this is what we are doing, we are getting ride of terrorism FOREVER! We are making sure that Millions of people don't die for no reason like on September 11Th.
I hope that everyone in this country and in the world knows that AMERICA can not be played around with, that we are going to fight back!
I hope everyone remembers all of the people that lost their lives in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, Flight 93, and the plane's that crashed into the Twin Towers.
Remember September 11Th today.. and always.



Terry said...


This was TOTALLY AWESOME! Thank you for reminding me of this special day. Thank you for your patriotism to our Country. Thank you for the fine example you are to me and to your friends and family. I DO remember and I will NEVER forget. I am truly grateful for the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday for our Country. I am EXTREMELY Grateful for a daughter that also remembers, who loves her Country and who loves the Lord and her family. I love you with all of my heart.

Love Dad!

Leslie said...

Courtney- You probably don't remember me, but I'm Tara's friend and roommate from Snow College. I popped onto your blog from hers. That was an awesome post! It's nice to hear people that believe in our country and the people who have fought for it! I hadn't heard really anything today about 9-11 and now you've got me all teary eyed! You have grown up so much...thanks again and take care!

Tara said...

Courtney, you are so sweet and loving to write such a great post about such a horrible day in history! I can't believe how grown up you are either!! I am so proud of the woman you are becoming and love you soooo much!