Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dancing with the Stars 2010!

This season of Dancing with the stars was so enjoyable to watch! The dancing was great, and I have posted every single dance that Evan Lysacek danced during the season! If you weren't able to watch this season, or missed some dances, check them out here on my blog and see how AMAZING Evan did!!!

Season 10 Premiere of Dancing with the stars

week 2: Jive

week 3: Quickstep

week 4: Tango

week 5: "Movie Night" Rumba

1st dance of week 6: Samba

2nd dance of week 6: Swing Dance Marathon

1st dance of week 8: Argentine Tango & the 1st perfect score of the season!

2nd dance of week 7: Team Dance, Cha-Cha

1st dance of week 8: The Waltz

2nd dance of week 8: "Futuristic" Cha-Cha

1st dance of week 9: Foxtrot

2nd dance of week 9: Paso Doble

2nd dance of 1st part of season finale: Freestyle

1st dance of 2nd part of season finale: Viennese Waltz

Last Dance of season Finale: Quickstep