Saturday, November 28, 2009

BYU V. UTAH game, Nov. 28, 2009!

This game was AMAZING!! I LOVED IT! So intense!
The game started out with Utah 6- BYU 0, then we came back and were ahead of them for the whole second, third, and part of fourth quarter. During the middle part of the fourth quarter, Utah starting coming back with BYU 20- UTAH 17. Then, towards the end of the game.. about 1 minute until the game ended, UTAH caught up with us 20-20. We weren't able to get a touchdown or feild goal before the game ended so we had to go into overtime!!!! I was FREAKING out!!! I couldn't handle it!! UTAH got to go first to try to get points... they made a feild goal and their score went from twenty to twenty three. By this time I was just PRAYING that my cougars could pull something our of their hats.. and, of course, THEY DID! Max Hall threw a wonderful pass to Andrew George and made a TOUCHDOWN! making the score BYU 26- UTAH 23!!!! We Won!!! We had to go into overtime, but WE WON!!!! I was so excited!!! That pass we just so smooth, and it looked as though Andrew George was running in slow motion, as if to savor the wonderful winning point against our revelry.. UTAH!!! It was just great, it was just amazing, and I loved every second of it. Max didn't throw any interceptions, which is a big deal for him! :D To all those who kept dogging on Max (meagan and tara), this game showed them that he really is a great QB, one of the best BYU has ever had. And Andrew George, Harvey Unga, Dennis Pitta, and everyone just did a great job!!! But of course, we have to give a ton of the credit to Bronco Mendenhall. BYU couldn't have gotten wear they are today without a great coach like Bronco, he's awesome! I LOVE BYU!!!
I had a lot of my friends who are BYU fans, tell me that we didn't stand a chance against UTAH, this game just goes to show that if you come through for BYU, BYU will come through for you.


Andrew George: Tight End

Harvey Unga: Running Back

Dennis Pitta: Tight End

Max Hall: Quarterback


~cArLiE~ said...

Um... excuse me i believe your missing a player Named LUKE ASHWORTH!!! your futrue Brother in law!!!! haha

Terry said...

Shorty, Yes this game was TOTALLY AWESOME! Whenever BYU beats Utah, it is a Totally Awesome game. Way to Go COUGARS! Yes, Cougars eat red funny looking birds for BREAKFAST!