Saturday, November 15, 2008

BYU V. Air Force!

Hey, guys sorry I haven't been updating on all the BYU games.
But today BYU played Air Force and it was AMAZING!!!!!
There was one play where Max Hall had the ball and passed it to Austin Collie, and before you know it.... TOUCHDOWN!!!!! It was awesome!
Then there was a play were Fui Vakapuna had the ball and ran it, but there were a ton of Air force players on him but he still maneged to make a touchdown! He just pushed right through!
Although, Max Hall tried to run it a few times and it didn't work out. He would either fumble it, or he would get run down, stuff like that. There was one play where we were about to make a touchdown and Max was running it and he fumbeld it! I was so mad!!!!! But he made up for it later on in the game :)
This game was intense, not necessarily in the score, (although they were ahead of us in the second quarter,) Air force is a very good team, they are tied with TCU, and we lost to TCU so we weren't sure if we could beat this team. But we did it!!!
Next week we are playing Utah!!! SCARY!! Utah is undefeated! But we will see what happens, I am definitely writing about that game! :)
Remember.... GO COUGARS!!!
p.s. Rankings in the Mountain West Conference. (as far as Utah, BYU, TCU, and Air Force)
1. Utah: 7-0
2. BYU: 6-1
2. TCU: 6-1
3. Air Force: 5-2


Tara said...

GOOOOO Cougars!!! You are invited to my party if we have one!

xXxSkaterxXx said...

haha wow you love BYU