Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michael Phelps!

Holy Cow! Something amazing just happend tonight!
Michael Phelps won his 14 Gold Medal! It was crazy!
It was a relay race with Piersol, Hanson, Phelps and Lezak, the greatest team EVER!
A few days ago they had another relay race and it was very close, Lezak beat the french by not even a half a second and won the race for the USA!
Today was practiclly the same thing, except it was against Austraila! They were a very good team.
So the race started off with Piersol doing the breathstroke (I think). And then Hanson went doing the breaststroke, and then Phelps went doing the butterfly (his best swim) and then Lezak went last doing the freestyle. It was great!
Piersol and Hanson were doing great, but right when Phelps got in the water the Austrailian dude just sped up, and I serously thought for a moment that this guy would pass up Phelps through out the hole lap, but boy was I wrong! Phelps passed him up right before it was time for Lezak to take the last lap.
WOW!! Lezak did a great job! The Austrailian dude was right on his tail, but Lezak took it home and won the Gold Medal for Michael Phelps! It was crazy!
Then after that was the Medal cerimony and when they were playing the Natinal Athem, Michael looked like he was about to cry, because this was his last swim for this Olympics and he Just broke a record! The Most medals ever in Olympic history!
Now my sister says that in the Next summer Olympics he isn't going to do as many swims because he will be too old! Thats sad! But at least he got to make history this year in the 2008 summer Olympics!

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Terry said...

YEAH Michael Phelps. Can you believe it??? 8 gold medals in one Olympics. You will be able to tell your grandchildren about seeing this happen. It probably will not happen again any time soon. It was Very Fun watching the Olympics with you Courtney. Go Phelps!