Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Trek!!

This Trek was so AWESOME!!!!! It was one of the most spiritual and fun trips I have ever had!
My Family was Great! There were my ma and pa (Dave and Toma) Then there were my siblings. Chessie, Paris, Carrie, Jennings, Bryan, and Ben. They were all great and made the trip Awesome!
Also I had the chance to go on this trek with my dad and my sister, megan. My dad was a uncle (This was his third trek) and Megan was a Aunt (this was her second trek). We were all in different companies. I was in the Red companie, my dad was in the Green, and Megan was in the yellow.
We left at 5:15 in the morning wensday, June 11. It was a 7 hour bus ride up to Wyoming, to Martins cove. That was not the best, but I maneged. Once we got there it was so so windy I could not handle it. And it wasn't only windy but cold and wind and cold don't go well togeather!
We got to the visiters center of Martins cove where they show you a little video about the Pianeers, then they gave us our hand cart, we put our buckets in it and we pulled and pushed for 3 miles! It wasn't to hard actually.
Then after the 3 miles we finally got to our camp spot were we would be spending 2 nights at. We got all our stuff out of the hand cart and the truck that they drove up and we put up our tents and sat in the cold for a while until Dave could get a fire going. We shared a fire pit with the Assay family and they were awesome as well. Later that night we had dinner, sat around the fire, drank hot chocolate, then went to bed. Well guess what happned, the wind was blowing so hard that some girls in our stake, their tent had blown down and had broken their polls, had not where to sleep. So Toma asked if two of those girls could sleep in our tent, we were tight enough as it was but we maneged to get some room in there, but it was really squishy so I didnt get much sleep that night.
Ok I am going to take a break, but I will be back later to tell you about the next few days.

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